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In Defense of Black Friday

There is never not an opportunity every Christmas time to clear up some misconceptions about Christianity. There is lots of talk about the star, how many magi appeared to the baby Jesus, the exact date of Jesus birth, the viability of miraculous events like a virgin birth, etc. The worst come from Christians. They should know better, and some don’t, but the ignorant never pass up a moment to declare their ignorance. Maybe this is one of them. Hopefully not. 
One particular theme I’ve noticed this year is this: it is hypocritical for Christians (or any American) to go Black Friday shopping the day after Thanksgiving. I’ve noticed this on Facebook, and they are accompanied by images. I don’t like this. Images appeal to emotion, and emotion can distort clear thinking. Maybe blind men see things more clearly then. As Ravi Zacharias has said about this generation, we listen with our eyes and think with our feelings. So, is this in fact hypocritical?

Christian Slogans Pt. 4

I’ve received multiple lists of requests for more of my slogan takedowns. Some of them I haven’t heard before, so I honestly can’t say anything about them. But I did find some gems. Here they are.

Christian Slogans Pt. 3

My second post about Christian Slogans was even more popular than the first. If you can think of any to tackle, send me a message or leave it in the comments, and I’ll try to include in my next post. Here are some more slogans! Enjoy!

Christian Slogans Pt. 2

Apparently, my post on slogans was popular. So here is another couple that annoy me.

Can You Call A Child A Christian?

Richard Dawkins is an amusing character. Dawkins believes you cannot justifiably call a child “Christian” and to do so is child abuse. Some things follow from this, like having these children removed from their parents. You wouldn’t allow a child to remain in an abusive house, right? It’s kind of funny though because some atheists will say all babies are atheists and so there is a presumption of atheism. I don’t know if Dawkins takes this route, but I doubt it because the reason he believes one cannot be a Christian child must also apply to atheist children. Anywho, having been Catholic, I have a different approach to this now.

Christian Slogans

I’m not fond of slogans. They discourage critical thinking. Well, maybe they just discourage thinking, period. You’ll find slogans everywhere like, “The gap between the rich and the poor is getting bigger” and “I may disagree with what you say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it!” Of course, a moments thought will tell you that the rich getting richer and the gap is widening says something to the rate of growth of both groups, not necessarily one at the expense of the other, and as for the latter, I don’t think your average Joe will throw himself on a grenade for my right to say something like the Constitution ought to be read with original intent. They’re conversation stoppers, and unduly so. Those particular slogans have been dealt with at length elsewhere. In the Christian community there are a couple I’ve heard repeated over and over again that I want to address.