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Perceptual Relativism

What color is the chair? I say it is red. Someone may say that to a colorblind person, it is not red. We have different sense experiences of the objects, and why favor one perceiver over another? So this kind of perceptual relativism is true. The case may be over stated. To speak of colorblindness is still to use reference to our own perceptions to describe others and their perceptions. So one cannot appeal to relativism, which is an attempt to detach from one's own perceptions, without appealing to the abandoned perceptions. The color blinded example is still explained in terms of our own perceptions, and so is self contradictory. Use and apply to insects, aliens, etc. 
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Metaphysics Final Study Guide

The following was my a study guide I typed out for my Metaphysics final exam.

The Indispensability Argument
Quine - On What There Is
What is the problem that Quine is addressing?
The problem that Quine is addressing is the problem of referring to things that do not exist. How can one sensibly say that Pegasus does not exist? Of what is one speaking of if Pegasus does not really exist? If Pegasus does not exist, the word “Pegasus” doesn’t pick anything out. Non-being in some sense must be, otherwise, what is there that is not? One wants to say the things Jim says exist do not actually exist, but I cannot admit there are things that Jim accepts as existing that don’t exist. Otherwise I am talking about them as things.

What is Quine’s use of Russell’s theory of definite descriptions to address the problems?
Quine uses Russell’s theory of definite descriptions to rephrase “Pegasus” as the description “the winged horse that was captured by Bellerophon” and following Russell’s theory, express “…