Genesis & The Immaculate Conception

I just watched one of the videos from the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology for their "The Bible and the Virgin Mary" series. It's good stuff all around, and they presented an argument for Mary's sinlessness and immaculate conception I hadn't heard before, but is really common sense. The argument is from Genesis 3, when God is rebuking Adam, Eve and the Serpent, and God says to the devil,  I will put enmity between you and the woman,
and between your seed and her seed The seed here is Jesus Christ, who crushes and defeats Satan, and the woman is Jesus' mother, Mary. There can be enmity between Jesus and Satan because Jesus is sinless and perfect. He is not under Satan's domain. And likewise, Mary has enmity towards Satan because she too was not born under his domain. But this means Mary is likewise sinless, and this, as Saint Pope John Paul II said, necessitates her immaculate conception.

Book Review: Search and Rescue by Patrick Madrid

Here is my review of Patrick Madrid's book Search and Rescue

Confirmation Class Review and Stats

The following is a review and analysis of the Catechism/Confirmation class I taught at Holy Innocents. This is mainly for future review and comparison.

Drop out rate

I started with 39 boys. 3 of them did not finish 8% drop out rate, 92% completion rate  Assigned work Total class points were 2338 quizzes were assignedThe 8 quizzes were worth a total of 58 pointsQuizzes were 25% of class points10 homework assignments were givenHomework was worth a total of 155 pointsHomework was 67% of class points1 extra credit assignment was givenExtra credit was worth 10 pointsExtra credit was worth a 4% boost1 report was givenReport was worth 20 pointsReport was 9% of class points Grades Out of 36 boys, 8 earned passing grades. 1 boy earned an A.4 earned a B3 boys earned a C7 boys earned a D21 boys earned an F77.7% failed, while 22.3% passedThe mean percentage is 51%Median percentage was 55%Standard deviation is 23Lowest grade was 6%Top quarter earned a 68% or higherHighest grade was 92%The following i…

Convo with Street Preacher on Open Theism

I came across an open air preacher at CSULB. He didn't seem any kind of offensive or distasteful like many others are. I begin to talk to him at the 21:30 mark when he revealed to us that he was an Open Theist. I didn't really communicate what I was trying to communicate all that well. I haven't looked into Open Theism in like five years, so I was extremely rusty. Besides, he seemed kinda friendly, and didn't care so much if I didn't slam-dunk on this point. The point I was trying to articulate was this: God makes promises. These promises are special, infallible, because they are guaranteed. There is no way they could be false. However, in Open Theism, this is not necessarily true. It's possible that some state of events in the future may not occur even if God says they will occur. Perhaps in practice God never makes a mistake in Open Theism, but so long as it is possible, and necessity is a necessary condition for infallibility, then in principle, God could be…

Butterflies and Persons

Julia: Hey dad, what's this?

Dad: That's a cocoon, sweetheart.

Julia: A cocoon? What's that?

Dad: A cocoon is where caterpillar turns into a butterfly.

Julia: A butterfly? Oohhh I want to see the butterfly!

Dad: Well, you're going to have to wait for that, sweetie.

Julia: Awww. But why can't we just take a peak now? Please?

Dad: Because you're going to hurt it. If you take it out, you'll kill it, and the caterpillar will never grow up into a big beautiful butterfly.

Julia: I don't want to kill it.

Dad: Good. Now leave it alone.

Julia: Can I take a picture of it?

Dad: Sure thing.


Julia: Hey dad! Look! The flash was able to see through the cocoon!

Dad: Wow sweetie, that's neat! That kinda like how baby Rachel is in mommy's tummy, isn't it?

Julia: Oh, you mean that triangle picture with no color?

Dad: Yes, that's called an ultrasound, dear.

Julia: Do the pictures hurt baby Rachel?

Dad: No, they don't.

Julia: Is baby Rachel a cate…

Reply To Protestant Bible Study

The following is a reply to a Bible study a protestant sent to me. It is only an exercise for me concerning Catholic apologetics. Nothing I haven't said before, but I'll keep it up here just for reference. 

The stated purpose of the Bible study outline is to aid those who wish to seek truth by having people compare the Catholic Church to the Bible. A protestant assumption is being made here, however, that the Bible alone is the measure of truth. It is not, for scripture itself says that the pillar and foundation of truth is the Church (1 Tim 3:15) and that we are supposed to hold fast the traditions passed on to us (2 Thess 2:15). Further, Christ comes to establish a Church and one that will not fall (Matt 16:18). While this is perhaps a great weakness for protestants, it is not the focal point of this study. As the quoted Constitution on Revelation says (which is properly entitled Dei Verbum), we hold both the Church Tradition, or the deposit of faith, and scripture on the sam…