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Confirmation Class Review and Stats

The following is a review and analysis of the Catechism/Confirmation class I taught at Holy Innocents. This is mainly for future review and comparison.

Drop out rate

I started with 39 boys. 3 of them did not finish 8% drop out rate, 92% completion rate  Assigned work Total class points were 2338 quizzes were assignedThe 8 quizzes were worth a total of 58 pointsQuizzes were 25% of class points10 homework assignments were givenHomework was worth a total of 155 pointsHomework was 67% of class points1 extra credit assignment was givenExtra credit was worth 10 pointsExtra credit was worth a 4% boost1 report was givenReport was worth 20 pointsReport was 9% of class points Grades Out of 36 boys, 8 earned passing grades. 1 boy earned an A.4 earned a B3 boys earned a C7 boys earned a D21 boys earned an F77.7% failed, while 22.3% passedThe mean percentage is 51%Median percentage was 55%Standard deviation is 23Lowest grade was 6%Top quarter earned a 68% or higherHighest grade was 92%The following i…

Convo with Street Preacher on Open Theism

I came across an open air preacher at CSULB. He didn't seem any kind of offensive or distasteful like many others are. I begin to talk to him at the 21:30 mark when he revealed to us that he was an Open Theist. I didn't really communicate what I was trying to communicate all that well. I haven't looked into Open Theism in like five years, so I was extremely rusty. Besides, he seemed kinda friendly, and didn't care so much if I didn't slam-dunk on this point. The point I was trying to articulate was this: God makes promises. These promises are special, infallible, because they are guaranteed. There is no way they could be false. However, in Open Theism, this is not necessarily true. It's possible that some state of events in the future may not occur even if God says they will occur. Perhaps in practice God never makes a mistake in Open Theism, but so long as it is possible, and necessity is a necessary condition for infallibility, then in principle, God could be…